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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should you use a consultant?

A: Accreditation and regulatory requirements are complex and subject to change. There are over 500 requirements/standards for some of the accrediting organizations and hundreds of regulatory requirements. Also, it is very difficult for companies to afford a coordinator that spends all their time on accreditation and regulatory compliance which could cost $40,000 - $80,000 per year.

Q: Are all consultants qualified?

A: You must make sure that your consultant has the experience that you need. It is very important that your consultant has: accreditation and regulatory experience; surveying and/or inspector experience or at least has been surveyed/inspected; experience with the accrediting organization that you are choosing/using.

Q: Are all accrediting organizations alike?

A: No, even though CMS selected 10 national accrediting organizations, not all are recognized by third party payers and state HME licensure laws. Also, the types of services that each accrediting organization was approved for varies.

Q: Didn't CMS select only the best accrediting organizations?

A: CMS selected every accrediting organization that applied and some had never accredited anyone before. These choices were made because there were so many companies that needed to be accredited before the deadline and CMS was not willing to extend the deadline.

Q: Will competitive bidding save money for CMS/taxpayers?

A: It will in the beginning but most experts agree that it will increase costs in the long run due to a decrease in the quality of the providers, equipment and services resulting in increased doctors visits and hospitalization.

Q: Isn't competition in the HME industry healthy?

A: Yes competition does help control quality and costs however, the competitive bidding program is actually "ANTI-COMPETITIVE" because it greatly reduces the number of providers that will provide 9 different HME categories.

Q: Will competitive bidding reduce fraud and abuse?

A: Absolutely not. While a small number of HME's have been involved in fraud/abuse this program will have no impact. To control fraud and abuse the approval and surveillance processes for HME providers must be improved.

Other Questions?

If you have a question that we haven't answered here, feel free to contact Mark directly at 614-971-5265, or send him an email to mkemerer@hasconsulting.com