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Mark Kemerer, BA, AS, RRT, RCP

With over 39 years of healthcare experience, including 15 years as an accreditation surveyor, Mark's experience leaves no doubt about the question "Is your consultant qualified?". Mark has consulted with HME's, Hospitals and health-care businesses throughout Ohio and the United States. Since 2000 Mark has consulted with businesses on accreditation, licensure, regulatory requirements, temporary management, performance improvement, risk management, mediation & human resources.

Mark's experiences and affiliations include:

Industry News

The mandatory accreditation requirement for billing any Medicare part B item is required by law regardless of whether you're company is in a competitive bidding area or not. You must be accredited by a CMS approved national accrediting organization. Ultimately all payers will require accreditation.

Did You Know

The cost, in man-hours, to develop a policy and procedure manual, from scratch, is estimated to be approximately $15,000.